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Speech Pathologist

Duties:  Develop and organize program that addresses speech-language goals.  Evaluate hearing and speech/language test results and medical or background information to diagnose and plan treatment for speech, language, fluency, voice, and swallowing disorders. Administer hearing and/or speech/ language evaluations, tests, or examinations to patients to collect information on type and degree of impairments. Determine appropriate assessment and/or intervention objective. Develop and implement treatment plans for stuttering, delayed language, swallowing disorders, inappropriate pitch or harsh voice, and other problems. Develop individual or group programs to deal with patient’s speech or language problems. Instruct patients in techniques for more effective communication, including sign language, lip reading, and voice improvement. Teach patients to control or strengthen tongue, jaw, face muscles, and breathing mechanism. Develop speech exercise programs to reduce disabilities; Conduct interviews and review patient records to Identify environmental impediments to client or patient progress. Monitor patient’s progress and adjust treatments accordingly. Cooperate with local community and/or state programs to affect comprehensive services.  Conduct in-service training for clinical staff and other professionals on speech or hearing topics such as communication strategies and speech/ language stimulation.  Serve as on-site consultant for staff, patients and relatives by providing informational sessions on interventions and issues related to speech and language development.  Mentor, oversee and provide guidance to undergraduate interns, paraprofessionals and other staff.


Requirements:  Bachelor in Speech Language Pathology (or equivalent) and five years experience as SLP OR Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology (or equivalent) and 2 years Experience as SLP; AND, CA State SLP License Eligible


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