South Pacific Rehabilitation can support your organization with various program development and consultation services. Our therapy experts perform policy assessments & review; various clinical trainings, training on Medicare PPS reimbursement, management and documentation and can provide marketing support to improve your case mix, enhance reimbursement or census development.

Program development examples:

  • RNA certification
  • Dinning/Feeding programs
  • Restraint reduction
  • Fall Prevention program

Consultation services include but are not limited to: 

  • Respiratory Therapy Assist
  • MDS Suite of Services
  • Facility & staff in-services/continuing education
  • Sub-acute program enhancement
  • JCAHO certification
  • Outpatient clinic and rehab agency licensing assistance and collaboration
  • Assistance with implementation of quality assurance and quality improvement programs
  • Ergonomic consultation & cost reduction programs
  • Wellness programs and classes

Learn today how South Pacific Rehabilitation can support you.

No Cost SNF Analysis

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