Assessing your PDPM implementation?

PDPM took effect on October 1, 2019, and many SNF operators have been working through the new challenges along with the stressors of COVID-19.  Operators today are now evaluating their in-house and therapy partners to see how they can most effectively operate and remain financially sound.  Questions to consider as you evaluate your PDPM implementation.

Is your organization earning all the benefits PDPM fosters for patients and long-term residents? Do you or your therapy partner have tools and technology to help you streamline current processes and daily operations?  Below is a PDPM survey to help your organization evaluate where you may still may have some gaps and discover how South Pacific Rehabilitation can be a solution.

PDPM Quick Pulse Survey

No Cost SNF Analysis

We have 40+ years of experience as a therapy provider and partner. Let us show you what South Pacific Rehab can do for your business.


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